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The continuing degradation of journalistic standards by Fox News

Fox News is destroying what’s left of the journalistic ethic in the eyes of the world.

Here’s the story: recently, VP Joe Biden tried to do a simple, fluffy PR appearance at a custard business. Being an idiotic jackass, he went in clueless and ended up insulting a guy by calling him an ass.

So Fox News gets the guy who was insulted for an interview. Sure, okay. Biden is a jackass, which everyone already knew and therefore isn’t news, but I suppose his being Vice President makes the incident newsworthy enough to have a little time devoted to showing the people what a dick he is. Really, the only reason I can picture anyone devoting much time to it is either to keep people from accusing you of covering up Biden’s faults due to a liberal bias, or to use it as ammunition against the Democratic Party. Otherwise? It really should be “Biden called a custard business manager an ass for no good reason. Next story!”

Except Fox wasn’t reporting a story--they were trying to make one.

The incident: guy hands Biden custard, Biden asks how much he owes for the custard which has got to be some of that typical public appearance banter. Guy jokingly responds that Biden can lower his taxes and they can call it even. Biden calls guy an ass.

So Fox News brings guy on their show for an interview, and I’m willing to bet that guy just wanted to get the most out of his five minutes in the spotlight. And Fox News spends the time trying to turn this stupid botched PR into a grand political statement about how guy is just some little businessman trying to get across to the Evil Democratic Administration how They Are Hurting The People With Taxes.

No really, Fox’s people actually said that’s what guy was trying to do. Even after guy literally told them it was just a joke, not a political statement. Like guy actually said, everyone wants to pay less taxes; it’s not administration specific, for generations people have complained and wanted less taxes. But here’s these two Fox News guys spending three minutes going out of their way to use this as some kind of proof that oh my god the vice president hates the average Joes of America.

Fox News: when you try to push the person you’re interviewing into delivering the political statement you want to hear, what you’re actually doing is thumbing your nose at all journalistic ideals and driving another nail into the coffin that is the public’s trust in the news media. You are actively and blatantly helping degrade a once-great profession.

News is important, but it’s stupid stunts like this by television news establishments that is both killing news and helping exasperate the hyperpartisanship that is destroying the U.S. government, and by extension, the U.S. itself.

And I do say that as someone who absolutely loathes Biden.
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