Jon (aoe_knight) wrote,

The Fall of the House of K_____

It feels like we've reached the part of the play I will go ahead and call "the fall."

The grandparents are dead or in their last days. The parents are getting old enough themselves that one is suffering failing body parts and the other has back problems and is trying to make it through his final years of work in an economic climate where companies would rather terminate their employees than have to pay them full retirement benefits. One uncle has been laid off, another is dealing with health problems and reaching the limit of his ability to work but is neck-deep in debt because of his irresponsible wife and daughters.

Basically, everyone in my family is starting to have some major problems.

But the main players in your tragedy must be raised up before they can fall.

I got a position that was, essentially, my goal in life. Make just enough money to be on my own, enjoying the various little past-times that make me happy. I don't need much. But now I'm going to lose even that.

My sister went a different route. She started a family. Now she faces the same problem of being unable to get a job--but in addition the father of her children has persistent cancer. There are even lumps against his spine.

The more I let myself think, the more certain I am that we are nearing the final act. Next up: rocks fall, everybody dies.
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