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People are depressed about the recession and stuff, but things are looking up for me--even though I just had to take a week of unpaid leave to save the company some money.

I hadn't planned on it, but I basically spent the entire time at my parent's house. Ran around with my nieces. Moved hay, took care of one of the horses and the cats for a couple of days. Got some free lettuce and asparagus from the garden (a two-gallon bag stuffed with asparagus, in fact). My dad decided to give my check paying him for the cost of replacing my car's taillight, and gave me a few twenties for giving up extra days of my leave to help out with moving hay--which is truly some backbreaking work. The majority of the edge of losing that week's pay has been taken off, and I got to enjoy being around my family at the same time.

I'll also be getting a free G4 tower and monitor from work, a fact that should not be mentioned to my father by anyone reading this because I intend to surprise him by following through on an old joke of his. The company has ten leftover G4 towers from when they went through and replaced all the computers with G5 towers. Human Resources sent an email around to everyone asking who would like to give one of the computers a new home, and I figured the price was right, even if a G4 tower is slightly obsolete-ish given the rate at which computers advance. I can certainly think of a few things that I can do with it.

I need to go grocery shopping, and when I do, I intend to pick up a tomato plant to grow on the balcony. Meijer also has excellent planters full of ever-bearing strawberry plants, such that assuming I don't get the plants killed, I'd have an indefinite source of strawberries. In theory, it would definitely pay for itself.

And to balance out all the good things going on in my life, my bamboo is starting to turn distressingly yellow after years of flourishing.

Years ago, I had a brief affair with religion. A Bible had been given to me by the pastor of the church that the Boy Scouts were meeting in. I started reading it back then--made a genuine effort to make it from cover to cover.

I will admit that I didn't make it a quarter of the way through. I've mentioned this to a few people over the years, and they laughed and generally told me something along the lines of "no average person would read the whole thing." Quote is paraphrased on account of this was years ago, prior to my college days.

I returned to work only to find the five-year-olds squabbling in the online Opinion section about accepting the whole Bible. Essentially, someone said that they do not believe that every word of the Bible was written by God, and the "conversation" took the predictable course.

Reading the comments of people declaring that if you don't believe every word of the Bible was written by God, I found myself asking: "I wonder if this person has actually read every word in the Bible?"

Religion certainly can't be compared to reading an entire contract before signing it, but I still can't help holding that stupid little question. After all, you should make sure that you agree with all of those words and not just accepting them without knowing what you're supporting, right?

It's probably what ultimately killed me, in terms of religion.
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