Jon (aoe_knight) wrote,

On stupid Mac/PC arguments

Since Bioware owns my soul for games like Baldur's Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, and Dragon Age: Origins, I thought I'd check and see whether or not there would be a Mac release of their upcoming MMO, "The Old Republic." Which is basically picking up KOTOR's plotline three centuries after the last game.

The short answer is that they won't be, something I personally suspect is the fault of EA. The slightly longer answer is that I shouldn't have bothered since even if there was a Mac release, I wouldn't be able to play it because my Mac has a damn old design and therefor doesn't have an Intel processor.

The long answer is that in determining the short answer, I had to wade through the typical online thread of someone asking if the game would get a Mac release, sparking pages and pages of people saying they wish it would be available for Mac followed by an argument about why anyone who wants to play games would get a Mac in the first place.

Having grown up, I no longer feel that one is superior to the other. I happen to prefer a Mac, but I know how to use a Windows machine and I do for 35 to 40 hours a week at work. Yet there are such points of stupidity raised in this thread that still get me riled up:

-Besides when it comes to mac beeing so supperior, I'm working as an IT-technician at a company and of our customers aproximatly 3% are mac owners but about 35% of the daily error reports are mac related, and non of them have to do with our system, what does that tell you?

One moment while I commit the argumentative fallacy of pointing out the spelling errors. I know perfectly well that spelling errors does not make what this person writes any less true or false. My main problem is that if the company's product really doesn't have any errors that "have to do with our system," then it isn't actually a Mac-related error, as this implies that the product should run as perfectly on a Mac as it would on a Windows machine. It also tells me that--regardless of the accuracy of this person's claim that the error reports have nothing to do with the company's product--a clear majority of the error reports are still from customers using Windows machines.

In all truth I believ that the mac started this war with their commercials undermining the pc. What did we do to you that you can just stick a mid 50's man up to a cool guy like him.

In all truth, buddy, it goes back a lot further than that. And actually, I kind of like the guy they use to personify Windows.
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