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Job Evaluation

My introductory period at work ends on the ninth, but my editor, Bill, decided to go ahead and do my evaluation today.

Here's how Jon scores for the first thirty days of a real job:
Quality of Work: (Accuracy, attention to detail, organizational & planning skills, thoroughness of work, appearance of work products, understanding of elements of job, equipment operation and procedures, applying sound judgment & decision making skills.)

Needs improvement. A few inaccuracies have slipped by me, such as that one that had someone trying to get me fired.

Quantity of work: (The amount of acceptable work produced as compared to expected results.)

Meets expectations.

Initiative: (Seeks additional work, is a self-starter, takes action to improve performance, makes suggestions for improvement for Department/Company.)

Needs improvement. Taken with a grain of salt; Bill generally isn't around much when I am, so it's pretty much impossible to judge this.

Communication: (Deals with management, co-workers and/or clients and other external contacts in a cooperative, professional manner. Reacts positively to suggestions/instructions from supervisor. Maintains confidentiality of information.)

Meets expectations.

Adapatability: (Works well under pressure, accepts unexpected assignments, meets deadlines, responsive to change, copes with changing priorities.)

Meets expectations.

Safety: (Follows and supports safety guidelines, notifies management/safety rep of potential safety hazards; keeps equipment maintained; practices preventive maintenance; reports accidents/incidents immediately.)

Meets expectations.

Creativity/Innovation: (Abiity to think and act in ways that are new and novel, acts on creative ideas to make a tangible difference, successfully implements ideas.)

Needs improvement. I'm taking this one with a grain of salt as well. When you're new to a job and learning how to do it the way they want, you're more focused on doing things right as they are than on changing them.

Teamwork: (Works collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal, builds constructive relationships both externally and internally.)

Meets expectations. On the self-evaluations I put this down as "exceeds expectations;" Angela and I make a kickass team and have worked together to help each other out in ways that Bill hadn't expected.

Attendance and Punctuality: (Identify patterns of absence/tardiness or exceptional attendance to date.)

Meets expectations.

Key development and "focus" areas for the next review period:
Goal: -Continue to develop and keep up to date the sports section of our Planet Discover calendar.
-Continue to produce and improve the weekly Road Watch feature on area road projects.
-Take on additional page layout duties.

Manager Comments: Jonathan is off to a good start at the Enquirer. He took on a newly designed job quickly, focusing on content conversion from print to online. He performs it generally with good attention to detail.

He has made a few mistakes -- identifying some items for the Web site carousel, correcting a Military Notes listing, and a spelling and fact error in a calendar item. But he is conscientious about improving his performance, has a good attitude toward his work and is always cooperative.

Outside his daily "XML" duties at the end of his shift and other routine Information Desk tasks, he has taken on the responsibility to assemble the weekly Road Watch feature on area road projects and keep the sports events entered and updated on our Planet Discover calendar.

The "improvement needed" checks on performance are meant to encourage Jonathan, now that he had been employed 90 days, to take more initiative and suggest ways to improve his job. He sometimes expresses a lack of self-confidence, but his work is well done and he is improving. There's no need to apologize for asking questions and making suggestions. Both are encouraged and necessary for successful employment.


Bill went on to tell me as we discussed the evaluation that he sees me as a very measured person, thinking out what I say very well. And...I am very pleased to hear him say that. I'm really hanging onto that as a compliment.

So it looks like, long story short, I'm good for a newbie! I just need to keep driving myself like I have been to improve. When I sat down to do the self-evaluation, I felt that it was kind of silly for me to do it; on the employees end, it seems to me that as they improve the expectations should move up with it. I think if I continue along this path I'll be just fine.
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